So on the Weds, Paul ruptured his Patella Tendon. A complete snap!

Regarded usually as a young man’s injury, at 70 years young, it was serious.

The injury was dramatic, but the reconstructive operation was really traumatic.

The orthopaedic repair surgery was done on the Thursday. Back home on Friday.

These first pics were taken on the Saturday. You can see hematoma and swelling.

My post-op problems though, were hardly usual, because this was serious orthopaedic surgery, which involved strong tourniquets, severe surgical intrusions and fusings, pain, nerve damage and numbness. Also extensive bruising, hematomas, muscle damage, immobility and trauma. All in all, quite a big shock to the nervous system.

So to get good deep ENAR interactive neuro-stim around the surgery, we started with extra-large adhesive electrode sticky pads, covering the knee along both sides of the surgery scar. And then alternately we used the InfraBed Flexi-Belt-Pad around the whole knee, for deep infrared activation thermal therapy, and soon this two therapy approach got us results, with quick reductions in the pain, tenderness and bruising.

” Now my leg can now weight bear, heels can lift off, and knee is working, but with care.

I am walking on the flat quite perfectly, with a stick, and careful on steps and ramps.

I will report again as we go further with the therapy, but so far, Amazing Results!”