SCIATICA  Protocols & Case

The sciatic nerve is formed when a collection of spinal nerve fibres from the L4-S3, connect together to form one large nerve about the size of your thumb!

This bundled nerve exits the pelvis through the greater sciatic foramen, crosses over the piriformis and runs down the back of the leg. It may be present in response to, or concert with, other spinal &/or neck disability problems, so 3 Pathways and or collar-zone therapy may be helpful.

Sciatica means that this collective nerve bundle is experiencing pain usually as a result of compression and subsequent irritation of the sciatic nerve on its pathway, often at different levels with painful  sensitive or ‘sticky’ key-points at the sacral, buttocks, hip, pelvis, and down the leg. 

John’s Case. John is a determined person in post-op spinal rehab (see his Vimeo story) who is walking most days a 5 or 10 klm walk. His back and feet give him lots of pain (8 – 10) and trouble but wearing ENAR adhesive therapy pads as he goes helps a lot. More recently the Lumbar Pain has become more Sciatica and so he has been using his pads in pairs to traverse the Sciatic nerve and finding ‘sticky points’ to place each pad.

John places a pad on either side of the Point of Pain where pain,  inflammation and or sticky points are discernible.  NB This pairing may be further up the spine and/or over the buttock and or hip area. The idea is to traverse locally the sciatic nerve where it is inflamed and ‘sticky’. John uses high power and sometimes several hours treating but reports both feet had nerve pain and irritation and these ceased over 4 days.

LINK – Colleen’s ENAR + InfraBed Sciatica Protocols PDF

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