“Upon driving back to Mackay from Noosa only ten minutes into my journey my right leg, which has been giving me grief, was just too unbearable to drive. I cried out to God. “Please please God help me with this pain so I can drive home”.

Within seconds of asking I see a sign. It was raining and we were on the wrong settings to head back home to Mackay. And there it was, a sign saying Pain Relief so I stopped, did a U turn, pulled up to the sign and rang the number. Janelle Stephen answered. I explained that I had a long journey to drive but the pain is too much, and could she please help me. She had a prior appointment but said “come on down I have a few minutes”. I just whispered “thank you God”.

I jumped out of the truck, limping with pain. Janelle welcomed me in. She was a ray of sunshine and as I recall this act of kindness I can’t help but cry. She took me into her therapy room explaining she only had 3 minutes because she had to be somewhere else.

In 3 minutes she used a ENAR system on me and my pain was gone. I was elated from having no pain. Janelle gave me a card and told me to order one for myself. She wouldn’t take any payment and I was back on the road going the right direction back to Mackay. I drove 13 hours & had 5 detours because of rain & flooding. I drove home and my pain didn’t return till the following day.

It’s an unbelievable story but it is all true. I have since purchased an ENAR. It’s coming in the mail. I shared this story with Colleen whom I purchased the system. Colleen was the first person I told this story to as I was still comprehending what had taken place, and how God came to my aid in the form of Janelle.

So thank you God, and thank you Janelle. and thank you Colleen.

From Ruahini Knauth

Love & Peace”

Please Note. ENAR Therapy results do vary but in University Research Studies in Australia significant Pain, related Disability and Functionality improvements have been found on a wide variety of Problems. See https://www.enar.com.au/research/

For particular Painful Problem Protocols call the ENAR Free Help-Line 1300 305 107