Samantha Gilligan, after Noosa ENAR training writes …

” Hi Paul and Colleen,  Just a quick update since Noosa. Re ENAR, Training, InfraBed and BioBlanket.

Firstly thank you for my ENAR therapy training – super confidence building. I’ve been using my ENAR in our Gympie Osteopathy clinic and having great results for many problems, including frozen shoulders, and bursitis of the shoulder and hip, and plantar fasciitis.

As a massage therapist ENAR has allowed me to treat a number of conditions that my regular modality was unable to treat, in a way that I found quick and effective.

My Energy BioBlanket has also been an ongoing revelation, so revivifying and balancing. Its prompted one client already to buy their own BioBlanket, as you know!.

Finally my InfraBed has arrived and I can say using InfraBed Thermal Therapy on my massage table I have found it much easier to get some of my clients with chronic back pain off the table again after a full hour massage with very deep infrared and Amethyst warming. I’m loving it!

Samantha Gilligan, Gympie QLD