Enlightened Therapies is the trademark holder and manufacturer of ET’s 3 unique brands : ENAR® , BioBlanket®, InfraBed ®.

Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd is the legal device manufacturer, sponsor and distributor of the ENAR® Therapeutic Medical Device, (ARTG 147761) which is made specifically by Enlightened Therapies, since 2000. Our policy is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We provide a comprehensive support package including world leading training resources, free ongoing live phone support and optional live certificate training programs. The company is owned and run by Paul & Colleen Keetley, and you may speak to them to ensure your complete satisfaction. Appreciating the ENAR may or may not be of ultimate help we offer a range of Try/Rent/Buy options. The great news with ENAR Therapy technology is that it will usually give a good indication of relevance from your very first treatment. We have a Australian wide availability of trained therapists and some of whom offer a mobile service. Please contact us for your specific requirements.


There is a Company Policy of life-long Support for all our products and devices. The Manufacturer, Importer, Legal (ARTG) Sponsor and Distributor, Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd, recognizes that your satisfaction as a device owner, therapist or user is critical to the success and wider acceptance of this new type of therapeutic medical modality.

In keeping with this understanding and commitment they undertake to supply an InfraBed and BioBlanket Three Year Warranty.

ENAR has a two year Warranty as follows:


2 years (24 months) replacement warranty (Not New for Old), after that, repairs at cost, with a loan device whilst yours is being repaired – or – After 24 months, you can buy a new replacement at a largely discounted purchase price.


If your device is faulty, during the warranty period, you will receive a replacement loan device for the time your device is away being repaired.


If your device is faulty or worn out you may trade it in for a replacement device at a largely discounted purchase price.


There is an ongoing toll-free help-line for any assistance you may require.

We are happy to respond to any questions on any related subject. Also should you wish to communicate with anybody about the ENAR, with resources and assistance available to you. We hope that all ENAR users will become honorary ENAR Ambassadors.

  • Free Phone Aus 1300 305 107
  • Free Phone NZ 1800 555
  • Overseas Callers +61 2 4268 2222
  • e-Mail [email protected]

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