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ET Certified Training Programs – to be a Therapist

Enlightened Therapies are World leaders in ENAR and Scenar Pro Training programs and these programs are widely accepted for professional development points, as well as entry to numerous organisations including IICT – International Institute for Complementary Therapists. IICT membership empowers members to take out public liability and professional indemnity insurance with major providers like OAMPS Insurances.

ET pioneers Therapy Training in Australasia

Since 2000, Enlightened Therapies initiated ENAR and Scenar Therapy and Training by bringing to Australia the original English and Russian physicians. ET then developed several in-depth training programs for Scenar practitioners including Scenar Pro Certificate Training at Levels 1,2, and 3, and also developed several Australian Scenar trainers to deliver these courses, all of which have subsequently been adopted and used as industry standards.

Subsequently ET developed unique new approaches to ENAR and Scenar Therapy including the ACHE Therapy Strategy and the new Raetzel (German) Dynamic Approach, as well as producing several DVDs and in-depth training resources, like the comprehensive 60 page ENAR 101 Ways full colour training manual. Current Scenar and ENAR training from ET has evolved and now covers all relevant aspects of the traditional Russian sourced protocols and the more current German methods of treating, which are proving very effective and efficient. †Many busy and professional  therapists, having used both methods, now work the vast majority of the time with the Dynamic Approach.

ET holds regular training programs in most cities in Australasia and can provide small group, one on two, and even one-on-one ENAR and Scenar training for you. ET recognises that a number of the more elaborate Russian style protocols are now redundant and that the outcome sought from all our training should be confidence. As always, ET leads the World in ENAR and Scenar Technology and Training and continually receives the highest ratings from its course participants. Our trainers are highly experienced health professionals with a focus on your understanding, not just their expertise.

ENAR® Training + Support – Physiotherapist Testimonial

“I have used the ENAR unit clinically for over 5 years. As a physiotherapist I have found it highly useful in the management of chronic pain. I would recommend the ENAR to other medically trained therapists. I would highly recommend that anyone purchasing the ENAR unit to attend the ENAR training in order to better understand it’s potential benefits. The staff at Enlightened Therapies are incredibly supportive and informative”  Shaheena Khan – Physiotherapist

Live Training Programs by ET include

ENAR Therapy Certificate – Basic – Day One

ENAR Therapist Certificate – Advanced – Day Two

Integral Beauty Therapy Certificate – Advanced – Day Three


Scenar Pro Therapy Certificate – Basic Level ONE – 3 Days 

Scenar Pro Therapist Certificate – Advanced Level TWO  – 3 Days

Scenar Pro Practitioner Certificate – Advanced Level THREE  – 3 Days


Myoenergy Scenar Therapy Certificate – Part One  – 5 Days

Myoenergy Practitioner Certificate – Part Two  – 5 Days

NB. If painful symptoms or disfunction persist consult your doctor.