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Enlightened Therapies are the Manufacturers of the ENAR Therapy System and Australian Distributors of the Scenar Expert Blue Pro practitioner therapy device, together with unique Certificate training programs and training resources. Both of these ET products have their own website. ET also supplies Related Accessories for ENAR and Scenar Therapy Devices as well The Energy Blanket. and the new INFRABED

Enlightened Therapies are world leaders in university research, certificate training and product development and use only authentic ENAR®  technology products and the latest approaches in our training. Everything we do, is about empowering you.

Enlightened Therapies are very pleased to announce their first new product in years, and is now completing the ET Big 3. 

INFRABED ® , The Energy Blanket and the ENAR ® Therapy System comprise a trilogy of non-invasive, non-toxic, natural therapeutic options that are facilitating the body’s own homeostasis, adaptation and healing capability.

These three ET therapeutic options are complementary to each other and can synergise because they each have different Purposes. The Infrabed is an Activating therapy. The Energy Blanket is a Balancing therapy. The ENAR is a Clearing therapy.

To discover more please call ET to discuss your therapy goals and lets see if you can find the right therapy option for you. Ph us direct on 1300 305 107.

NB – ET are now full distributors for all Ritm Scenar devices.


Please contact Enlightened Therapies for further information.


NB. If painful symptoms or disfunction persist consult your doctor.