Our Brands

ENAR Therapy System

ENAR® Electro Neuro Adaptive Therapy System interactively stimulates, using reflex-biofeedback micro current, finding and treating bio ‘key-points’ to Relieve Pain and Improve Functionality. University research proven.

InfraBed Thermal Therapy

InfraBed® crystal thermal energy therapy underlay synergises Amethyst and Far-Infra-Red with Negative Ions in a multi-layered pad/bed to Restore and Raise Core Body Temperature and Energy. NEW InfraBed Website LINK  Summary Info pdf

Energy BioBlanket

BioBlanket® reflective bio-feedback therapy multi-layered 3rd gen ET Energy Blanket uses 2 distinctly different sides = (Yin & Yang) with 4 distinct Bio-Energy Purposes : Deflect, Protect, Reflect, Bio-Feedback.   King Single BioBlanket.   King Double BioBlanket ‘Cocoon’.


InfraBed ® Thermal Therapy Posture~Pillow ® with ChiroCurve ®  DIY and Therapist Infrared Pain & Posture Pillow for  Relief of Painful Neck + Upper Back Stiffness + Restoration of Proper Neck Curve & Flexibility.   Posture~Pillow LINK

SCENAR Expert Pro

SCENAR Expert Pro is the more complex form of the ENAR that uses the same reflex bio-feedback, to relieve pain, reduce disability and improve physiological functionality.  Scenar Therapies Website LINK



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