Holistic Health Solutions ~ Empowering Personal Users, Therapists and Medical Practitioners

Paul and Colleen Keetley are the founding directors of Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd,  the Manufacturers of the ENAR Therapy System and the new InfraBed Radiant Thermal Therapy, and the BioBlanket Reflection Therapy, together with unique Certificate training programs and training resources. ET also supplies Related Accessories for ENAR and other devices

Enlightened Therapies are world leaders in University research,  and new holistic health product development.


Enlightened Therapies was created in Australia in January 2000 with directors Paul and Colleen Keetley. Paul had been CEO of his own international management consulting and training company since 1979. Colleen was trained in medical technology, working with surgeons and consultants specialising in endoscopy. Both have an ongoing passion for holistic health and a sense of vocation and vision for ENAR and ET which is simply about “Helping Every Body Heal”

Enlightened Therapies is bringing holistic health and therapeutic products to medical practitioners, therapists and personal users. Enlightened Therapies is a World leader in practitioner and patient therapy, University Medical research, and therapy training, and ET has an ongoing commitment to upgrade the quality, applicability and credibility of ET’s therapeutic devices and training. ET thrives on bringing these natural therapy products to the world and has developed a strong culture of Complete Customer Satisfaction.


Essentially holistic therapy is about helping the body to heal itself (preferably in a hurry) and to maintain itself in holistic wellness. Therefore non-invasive, non-toxic and natural solutions, tailored individually in the now moment to the person’s current condition, are considered optimal.

Our products work naturally, in a real-time approach to the body’s personalised situation as it presents and responds right NOW, for pain relief, functional restoration and the promotion of holistic sustained health.

Everything we do, is about empowering you.