SCENAR Expert Pro is the more complex form of the ENAR that uses the same reflex bio-feedback, to relieve pain, reduce disability and improve physiological functionality.

SCENAR Pro – Origins

The SCENAR Expert Blue Professional creates an interactive dialogue with the body, finding, measuring and treating problem areas through the skin. SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) was developed originally by Russian inventor Dr A. Karasev, and today his invention is utilised around the World as a medical modality with many applications. Whilst the Ritm company did not see fit to retain his participation once they were familiar with his invention he maintains a deep humanitarian satisfaction that his technology is being used so widely for so many ailments. The Blue Expert Pro remains the World’s favourite practitioner device.

Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd was the Approved, Australian importer, sponsor and distributor/trainer and has had SCENAR Pro listed on the Australian Register of Australian Goods (ARTG 101783.) until recently and now specialises in refurbished SCENAR Pro Expert devices, training and support.

In assessment mode, the SCENAR Expert blue Pro precisely locates and digitally monitors problem areas with digital readouts. The treatment interaction is done automatically as the device is stationed on the problem points and the SCENAR signifies the various levels of therapy interaction, IR/Dose/Zero which means each treatment is personalised based on the particular responses generated at that site and time. The device is equipped with numerous settings and modes which, combined with the basic interactive function of the system, ensures the body does not adapt to the treatment as it does with many other therapies. Responsiveness to SCENAR treatment is often apparent from the first treatment.

SCENAR Ritm Devices and Accessories from ET

All Scenar products, accessories and accredited training are available through Enlightened Therapies. Please call Colleen Keetley, our Training Director andSenior Scenar Therapist  for comprehensive assistance with Scenar Pro supplies, expertise and training. Ph 1300 305 107. RITM acknowledge the World leading role that ET has had with Scenar from the beginning. (Below)

Enlightened Therapies pioneered Scenar Therapy ‘down under’ first in 2001. ET was formally recognised  for our pioneering work in the West with Scenar: in certification, TGA registration, training program development, formal research, marketing, service and support.

Enlightened Therapies remains an authorised Ritm Scenar Device Distributor and Practitioner Training Organisation. All current Scenar devices are available form Enlightened Therapies, as well as the fully refurbished Scenar Expert Blue Pro devices and training.  Training courses are supplied in Australia by Enlightened Therapies who co-created the world leading Scenar Therapist training at 3 levels.