Enlightened Therapies announce our third generation of the ET Energy Blanket – The BioBlanket (R). BioBlanket has been developed to induce the body and mind to rest, recover and re-energise and is formatted to work on its own, or in synergy with InfraBed or other bio underlays or bio mats. BioBlankets come in two sizes.

BioBlanket King SINGLE Energy Blanket LINK $390

BioBlanket King DOUBLE Energy Blanket (cocoon) LINK $690


How Does BioBlanket Work?

The new BioBlanket has been developed with double reflective layers as well as Negative Ions layer to help to induce the body and mind to rest, recover, rebalance and re-energise. The BioBlanket is used for helping the body to energetically re-compose itself. It is widely used by itself, and also designed and recommended for use together with InfraBed bio-thermal-energetic therapy.

BioBlanket ® features 2 different sides = (Yin Passive + Yang Active) and was developed with 4 distinct overall Purposes :-

1 to help Protect the body by Deflecting away external energy influences

2 to help Balance the body’s multiple energies by establishing a Cocoon

3 to help Reflect back to the body its own energy output = BioFeedback

4 to help Raise Core Body Temperature and to Synergise with InfraBed®

PLEASE NOTE: The Energy BioBlanket is NOT a listed ARTG therapeutic medical device. It is not formally university researched, and so no therapeutic claims are made for it, except by way of comparison in regard to other traditional and/or modern allopathic results reported for simple thermal and reflective therapies.

BEFORE Using any device on any medical condition PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR

“I have had amazing results using the Bioblanket. Being quite sensitive to energies I can feel the restoration and rejuvenation process taking place. I even travel with my blanket and have it with me at all times.

Recently I visited a friend, and her dad is here from France. A gentleman in his seventies, who has suffered from insomnia for the past thirty years. He also has some current health problems, so I thought he can try my blanket for a few nights.

The very first night he had an uninterrupted sleep for four hours! He hasn’t had more than two hours without being awake, for all those years. He was stoked! The second and third night he had four to five hours of sleep and he said he felt like a baby. A big grin on his face. It made me so happy to see these results!. Thank you guys for making these products available.” Deniz NSW