Posture~Pillow ®  by InfraBed ® with unique ChiroCurve ®  –  Relieves Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain + Supports and Restores Cervical Neck Curve + Supports Thoracic Curve and Corrects Forward Head Posture with NATURAL TRACTION, plus Improves Flexibility and Sleep (on both back and side).

Features multi-layered InfraBed construction for Amethyst quartz generated Far Infra-Red thermal therapy,   PLUS,  specially contoured posture improving ChiroCurve wedge shape that mechanically supports the neck and upper back, naturally encouraging the neck curve to self-correct. Ideal for pre-preparing and/or post-supporting manipulation adjustment and therapy of the neck or spine.

Synergy = posture stretch & neck curve support, plus,  deep thermal far infrared therapy.

Help penetrate with amethyst quartz infrared for health
Help Relieve, Relax, Release and Retrain the upper body
Help Reshape and Restore the Natural Neck Curve
Help Relieve, Reduce and Correct Forward Head Posture
Help Apply Reverse Pressure to Upper Back Humps
Help Improve Flexibility and Range of Motion with infrared
Help as Self-managed therapy to Restore Normal Posture
Help to Sleep Better on both the back and/or side.  see instructions

Contour Stretching – The InfraBed ® Posture~Pillow ® with ChiroCurve ® shape is especially contoured and constructed, in order to allow users to slide up, onto and over, the Posture~Pillow wedge contour ~ so as to heat, relieve, support and progressively stretch and release, the neck backwards to counter and correct unnatural ‘forward head posture’.

Hyperthermia – The use of higher temperature therapy practice can stimulate circulation, metabolism and sometimes the immune system, and so promote relief, functionality and healing. Far-Infra-Red-Energy therapy, via lamps and saunas for example, has been studied world-wide. The Posture~Pillow ® thermostat controller works in the range between 30 to 70C.

All InfraBeds ® have CE and SAA (AUS) certification and 3 year Warranty.They all include quilted cotton cover, and a carry bag.

“Hi Paul,  I usually conclude a treatment by wrapping a patient in the BioBlanket while they recline on the Double Pad (Chair Pod) with the Posture Pillow under their neck. It provides a wonderful way to synergise the treatment. Invariably, they do not want to give up that spot! ‘I feel relaxed and energised’, is the constant reply. I purchased a Mini-Pad and a Double Pad (Chair Pod) some 18 months ago. I recently purchased the Posture Pillow to add to the ‘collection’.  I integrate the use of these wonderful devices, in conjunction with the Bio Blanket in all types of treatment . Their versatility is the key. I can move them easily wherever I think is the best location. And, of course I use them every day for myself. The heat is gorgeous. It’s a great way to relax and recover after a day of helping others.”  Allen Simmons NSW

“The Infrabed posture pillow has made a definite improvement in the quality of my life! Prior to using it I had chronic neck pain due to osteoarthritis and chronic insomnia for many decades where I would fall asleep but wake up 3 hours later and be unable to get back to sleep – every night! Oh what a blessing to be able to sleep through the night without waking up once, even to visit the bathroom. Like solid gold for the immune system. Couldn’t be without my pillow and highly recommend it to anyone with neck problems or sleep issues.”  Menkit Prince

“I just wanted to say how happy I am with the posture pillow. I do find it beneficial to the tissue damage I have in my shoulder. I do get great relief from using the pillow and definitely feel it was money well spent. It’s also very comforting on cold nights. Thank you for introducing me to it, I am sure it will be a great healing tool for many years to come.”  Regards,  Jenny Goadby