Posture~Pillow ®  by InfraBed ® with unique ChiroCurve ®  –  Relief of Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain + Restore Neck Curve, Correct Forward Head Posture & Improve Flexibility + Sleep Better on back and side . Features multi-layered InfraBed construction and specially contoured posture improving wedge shape that is designed to help the body and neck naturally self-correct.

Synergy = posture stretch & curve correction, plus, InfraBed hyper thermal therapy

Help penetrate with amethyst infrared for your health
Help Relieve, Relax, Release and Recurve your body
Help Reshape and Restore the Natural Neck Curve
Help Decompress and Penetrate Compressed Discs
Help Decrease Disc Bulging and Relieve Fixed Posture.
Help Reduce and Correct  Forward Head Posture
Help Apply Reversing Pressure to Upper Back Humps
Help Improve Flexibility and Range of Motion
Help as Self-managed therapy to Restore Normal Posture
Help to Sleep Better on both the back and sides.  see instructions

Contour Stretching – The InfraBed ® Posture~Pillow ® is especially contoured and constructed, in order to allow users to slide up, onto and over, the Posture~Pillow wedge contour ~ so as to heat, release, support and progressively stretch the neck backwards to counter and correct unnatural ‘forward head posture’ that is so common.

Hyperthermia – The use of higher temperature therapy practice can stimulate circulation, metabolism and sometimes the immune system, and so promote relief, functionality and healing. Far-Infra-Red-Energy therapy, via lamps and saunas for example, has been studied world-wide. The Posture~Pillow ® thermostat controller works in the range between 30 to 70C.

InfraBeds ® have CE and SAA certification and 3 year Warranty.They include 100% quilted cotton cover, and a carry bag.

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