Enlightened Therapies are pleased to announce the ET 5 Modalities Therapist Suite –

1 ENAR Therapy System (incl pads/leads). See ENAR for Therapists

2 INFRABED Medium Massage size 150 cm x 60 cm. See Medium InfraBed

3 BioBlanket King Single incl cover size 1.2 m x 2 m. See BioBlanket Single

4 Posture~Pillow Chiro-Curve Wedge 45cm x 45 cm x 13 cm. See Posture~Pillow

5 ENDOBELT FlexiBelt InfraBed Belt  51cm x 25 cm  See EndoBelt InfraBed FlexiBelt

These 5 comprise ET’s ideal Therapist Suite of complementary therapy devices.

They are each much valued and used in their own right, but work very well together.

Buy and $ave, your ET Therapist Suite in a bundle, with payment plan options.

Please contact EnlightenedTherapies.com or phone 1300305107. or +612 4268 2222.