ENAR® Testimonial – Ryan – short circuits lengthy rehab

“Without the rapid healing from the ENAR there was NO way my hand would have healed quickly enough to allow me to compete.”

My name is Ryan. I began Karate when I was 7 years old and currently hold rank of Nidan, 2nd Dan Black Belt. I have competed in Japan twice, won the Title of Junior Black Belt World Champion in the UK in 2011, and came 2nd at the World Karate Confederation Championships held here in Melbourne last year. The ENAR has enabled me to keep a consistent training schedule, taking very little time off for injuries.

One example – I used the ENAR to heal a broken toe. In just one week of therapy I was able to compete successfully, albeit in a bit of pain, but still able to compete!

Another example  – I had broken the bone and sustained ligament damage to the thumb on my right hand, the main hand I use to score with in kumite! The swelling was so severe I couldn’t close my hand, couldn’t make a fist, couldn’t wear a mit, and definitely couldn’t fight!  We ONLY had two weeks before the Nationals….. I noticed a dramatic drop in swelling after the very first session and by the end of the first week the swelling was completely gone, and I was able to close my hand. By the time I went to the Nationals in Sydney, I was able to compete, win and qualify to attend the Japanese Karate Championships as a member of the Australian Team!

ENAR® Treatment – Tip – ASAP injury response gets quickest results

As well as ENAR’s proven ability to treat many painful chronic conditions. (Average 70% chronic pain reduction in 400+ user survey) The ENAR  is very effective at speeding up the healing process of acute injuries such as sprains, breaks, burns and other surface wounds. Apply the device on or around the affected area ASAP! to reduce odema (swelling) and fast track the healing process.
“The healing process is so much faster when you get onto it as soon as possible so it’s a handy little device to carry with me and use whenever needed for injuries as bad as broken bones to sprains, corkys, and even just muscle soreness! Thanks Enlightened Therapies!!”     Ryan, Karate Junior World Champion 2011