“Sitting over desks, computers, tablets, phones, steering wheels etc, we are usually pulling the head and neck down forward, so curving the neck in 100% wrong direction. Plus, our back and shoulders are also curving forward and around, when they should be much more erect, straight, and balanced.  Thus we get poor, ‘old’ posture, with resulting sore necks, tight shoulders and upper back pain. If its chronic, it seriously effects our functionality, and our sleep.”

Posture-Pillow is a unique heating and corrective stretching therapy wedge pillow device to:

1. Deliver far-infra-red hyper-thermal therapy, generated by heating amethyst crystals. This type of hyperthermia penetrates deeply to give PAIN RELIEF, with muscle and NERVE RELAXATION in the upper back, shoulders and neck.
2. Deliver natural therapeutic corrective stretching, via its contoured, wedge shape. You slide up and onto and over the contours to deliver progressive heating, stretching and MUSCULOSKELETAL RELEASE, to help reverse improper neck curve and posture.
3. Deliver BETTER SLEEP on your back, the number 1 preferred sleeping position, with support on both back and neck. It also allows for rolling your head and neck either way.
4. Deliver BETTER SLEEP on your side, the other preferred sleeping position, with support helping to hold your head in the proper alignment with your spine.

Contour Stretching– The InfraBed ® Posture~Pillow ® is especially contoured and constructed, in order to allow users to slide up, onto and over, the Posture~Pillow wedge contour ~ so as to heat, release, support and progressively stretch the neck backwards to counter and correct unnatural ‘forward head posture’ that is so common.

Hyperthermia– practice can stimulate the immune system, and promote healing. Far-Infra-Red-Energy therapy, via lamps and saunas, has been studied world-wide. The Posture~Pillow ® thermostat controller works in the range between 30 to 70C.

NB: With any medical condition, including older age, medical advice should be sought if using hyperthermia and stretching.

InfraBeds® are built with CE and SAA certification and include a 3-year warranty. They include 100% Cotton quilt cover, plus a display/carry bag.

Price only $530 incl GST.   phone 02 4268 2222. or 1300 305 107