ET’s 3 work like ABC: and all 3 help you to GET A GOOD SLEEP

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ET’s 3 work like ABC: and all 3 help you to GET A GOOD SLEEP

INFRABED radiant thermal, BIOBLANKET energy reflection, and/or ENARinteractive neuro-stim, can prompt your natural systems on, to help your whole body reset, rehab and help you get good SLEEP.

Natural Therapy is about prompting the body to help and heal ~ including SLEEP. 

With the INFRABED – For older, colder and unwell bodies, deep thermal therapy incorporating infrared (from heated Amethyst crystal) appears good for CORE ACTIVATION by raising core temperature, circulation and metabolism and also for … helping the body SLEEP.”  ABOUT INFRABED

With the BIOBLANKET – For bodies of all types, the External Layers provide a Deflective energy effect that provides a cocoon like feeling of PROTECTION, whilst the Internal Layers provide a Reflective energy effect of broad bio-feedback that appears to be helping the nervous system to Centre and Re-Balance … and SLEEPABOUT BIOBLANKET

With the ENAR Therapy System – For bodies with Painful Dysfunction, ENAR Therapy helps find and Interactively Stimulate Key Points Prompting NEURO RESPONSE and CHANGE, that is shown in 2 University studies in Australia to Relieve Chronic Pain, Reduce related Disability and to Improve General Health (SF 36) and Related Functionality and is often reported to help the body … to SLEEP.”  ABOUT ENAR   article by Paul Keetley

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