Hi Paul and Colleen,   I looked over my notes and have written out some case notes for you that I had recorded after a client had experienced InfraBed.

Female 23 years old. Working on her weight loss. Said after many sessions of InfraBed (just wanting InfraBed and energy BioBlanket) Prefers  high degrees with towels under and above her, with energy BioBlanket 1-2 hours. “Can’t live without it”and has ordered her own.

Female 35 years old Chronic Fatigue.. After first experience of InfraBed, info cleanse (ENAR protocol) and energy BioBlanket said “felt energised afterwards”  “When I got home I was quite energetic “ “thanks for the pampering I had a good sleep” “sore back is great improvement”

Female 60 years old. Naturopath Practitioner. After first time on Infrabed did enar lower abdomen star, little wings and energy BioBlanket. The following week very keen to get on the Infrabed again (undressing immediately after arriving to maximise her time in the Infrabed) and no mention of the stiff back and fatigue which had been her main complaint. Next session on Infrabed said “felt taller and energised” immediately afterwards.

Female 52years old. Anxiety issues and back pain. After InfraBed, info cleanse and energy BioBlanket said “pain better and slept well”

Female 60 years old working on her weight loss. First time on Infrabed, with energy BioBlanket. Next day said “slept really well last night”

Female 27 years old. Chronic stress from work and elite athelete. After first session on Infrabed , energy BioBlanket and info cleanse. Next day said “in so much less pain in my back”

Personally I lay on InfraBed daily (37 degrees) and enjoy the warmth, back feels relaxed, and energised feeling overall afterwards.

Best wishes  Rosemary Colwell  Therapist NSW