Rent an ENAR


Your RENTAL Options

ENAR Trial Rental $400 (2 Months)

Trial Rent $400 first two months (non-refundable) + $20 freight (Australia)

Ongoing Rental Option after first two months, continue at $200 per month. ($50 week)


New ENAR device plus Info DVD, Core Techniques Training DVD, and ‘101 Ways to Use your ENAR’ 60 page Comprehensive ENAR Training Manual

Training – Optional 1 day Certificate Course available ($330.00 incl GST),

Warranty – 1 year Replacement Warranty (includes when away for repairs)

Support – 1300 Help-line Support and e-Group forum access

Agency – As an ENAR owner you qualify to become a Sales Agent

Call us now to arrange an ENAR rental on 1300 305 107