Try – Short Demonstration

10 min demonstration ENAR sample treatments (available by appointment where possible.) NB Please appreciate that a full ENAR treatment will generally take between 20 and 50 minutes and is chargeable.

Please contact us for a short demonstration.

Try – ENAR Therapy Treatment

Not sure if ENAR therapy is right for you? Fortunately this technology will often show results quickly so a treatment or two should indicate if it is going to be helpful. Of course chronic, complex conditions will often take longer to treat, yet treatments will usually indicate usefulness early. There are now trained ENAR therapists across Australia and New Zealand, as well as many other countries. Why not try a proper treatment with a trained therapist and see?

Rental/Purchase – ENAR

Before buying an ENAR outright you might like to try one out to ensure its right for you. You may rent a brand new device for two months which costs $400 (less than $50 week). Should you wish to then buy it, your two month’s rental can become a deposit against the purchase price. Or continue rental at $200 per month.

Buying an ENAR – Options

Rental, Purchase, Leasing and Clinic packages exist as optional ways to acquire an ENAR or MTB Energy Blanket, plus Training and Accessories please contact us for further details.