In the 60 days, I experienced a menstrual period 3 times which was 31 January – 6 February, then 28 February – 1 March, then 25 March to 2 April.
I normally only experience period pain symptoms once a month for a full 7 days.  The pain has progressed over the years and used to be just 3 days of incapacity, however in the past few years I have had to allow a full 7 days (and sometimes a few extra days) of rest with inability to work during that time.  The first three days are normally the highest amount of pain, which was often so bad on at least one day that I would not be able to sleep with it, or not be able to distract myself from it such as watching TV.  It would be difficult to walk and to even talk much.  I felt very disabled from it. 

I decided to add the Endobelt to my seemingly never-ending list of things to try, and was quite astonished when in the first week of the trial, I experienced significant pain relief.   What I noticed most of all about the Endobelt was how nurturing it felt on the body.  I used it in conjunction with a BioBlanket and for the record, prior to the study I had been having regular ENAR treatments. I have never experienced such pain relief ever in my life. Whilst I still had period pain during the study, it was nowhere near as bad as before, and I found I was able to fall asleep without too much discomfort.  What I also noticed was my level of functionality dramatically increased during that 7 days when I would normally have extreme pain and disability.  Instead, I was able to actually work normally for probably half of that time, and increase my overall level of activity on the other days.  The Endobelt is my first experience of being able to reduce the pain and increase my functionality naturally.   
(Sarah W – Brisbane)