InfraBed plus BioBlanket, Synergy Therapy Dry-Sauna Cocoons, create a holistic therapy and heavenly healing enclosure with micro-self-managed Time and Temperature controls. InfraBeds combine proven far-infrared hyper thermal therapy, which is familiar in lamps and saunas, however this infrared heat is derived by heating Amethyst Crystals which has super subtle energetic healing properties that have been reputed for hundreds of years.

The unique large King Single InfraBed, a Hyper-thermal Infrared therapy bed is our top of the line model boasting almost 20 kilos of Amethyst crystals and a multi layered top quality construction, with 3 year Warranty. Its bigger and heavier than the more popular Medium Massage InfraBed size that’s lighter and smaller, but both models feature the 15 layered construction.


Created at the same time, in order to synergise in use perfectly with the two big InfraBeds, is the King Single BioBlanket, which features several of the same protecting and reflecting layers, as well as the impregnated Negative Ions layer that match and mirror the same layers in the InfraBeds. This biscuit layers construction work together to create the perfect ‘Cocoon’ dry sauna healing environment together. When you have the InfraBed under you, and the BioBlanket over you, your in a synergistic seventh heaven for rest, recovery, rejuvenation and rehabilitation. NB Even when used without the thermal therapy option, this construction Reflects Away negative energy, and Reflects Back the body’s own energetic emissions, in a form of holistic, whole person, bio-feedback that prompts whole body adaptation and faster recovery. BioBlanket over you and InfraBed under you is an experience we guarantee will help restore you quickly towards your personal, balanced, best.