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Research Results Brochure

A Macquarie University Centre For Health & Chiropractic Randomised Control Pilot Study On The Use of ENAR

Extract: “ENAR has been successful in…..

  • Providing both short & long term reductions in neck pain intensity.
  • Providing short & long term improvement in patient specific function.
  • Causing clinically observable reductions in neck disability.
  • Providing both short and long term improvements in both physical and psychological parameters.”

ENAR Research Published Results

Yes the ENAR Research – Peer Reviewed and Fully Published!! Macquarie University has been through the lengthy process to enable the ENAR Research to be published in the global medical lierature.

Published Research Results Brochure

ENAR – Pain relief that’s fast and lasts

Tara Stevermuer (MAppStat), Centre for Health Service Development,
University of Wollongong.


ENAR is found to be a cost-effective, long lasting treatment for chronic neck pain. The pilot study discussed here however is the first Western university randomised control trial of this type of therapy/technology. It does demonstrate the effectiveness of ENAR for both short term and long term pain relief and for functional and general health improvement.”

Macquarie University Press Release

New technique brings hope for chronic pain sufferers

March 3, 2005 A Macquarie University research team is using a pain treatment device first developed for the Russian Space Program to treat chronic neck pain, with remarkable results in a clinical trial. For the past 12 months, Macquarie University chiropractic PhD student Andrew Vitiello has been testing the Electrode Neuroadaptive Regulator (ENAR)

ENAR Research Poster

The aim of the study was to study the longer-term effects of ENAR therapy on a randomly selected group (n=24) of patients suffering from non-complicated chronic neck pain. Following a 12 visit treatment protocol (6 weeks) of either ENAR, TENS or Placebo treatment, the cohort was followed for a further period of 18 weeks in order to assess the effects of each therapy using a variety of subjective and objective outcome measures.